I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Nobita Zu's Marriage!

Hi Readers,

You surely must have been introduced to my good friend, Nobita Zu. He is getting married! But there is something worth noticing in this marriage. The fiancĂ©e of Nobita is the only child of her parents just as Nobita is. It presents a peculiar circumstance for their future due to absence of siblings of the bride and the groom.

Let me describe how. Lets suppose M weds W. Now lets iterate through the relationships developed due to this marriage for M:

W's Mother = Saas
W's Father = Sasur
W's Sister = Saali (not the gaali)
W's Brother = Saala (not the gaali)

Now for W:
M's Mother = Saas
M's Father = Sasur
M's Sister = Nanad
M's Brother = Devar

Now after a few years, C is born. For C:
M/W's Mother = Daadi
M/W's Father = Dada
W's Sister = Masi
W's Sister's Husband = Maosa
W's Brother = Mama
W's Brother's Wife = Mami
W's Brother's children = Mamere Bhai/Bahen
M's Sister = Buaa
M's Sister's Husband = Foofa
M's Sister's children = Foofere Bhai/Bahen
M's younger Brother = Kaka
M's younger Brother's wife = Kaki
M's elder Brother = Chacha
M's elder Brother's wife = Chachi
M's Brother's children = Chachere Bhai/Bahen

Now for Nobita and her wife, the above will not be applicable as they do not have siblings and therefore each will make only 2 new relations out of their wedlock and their child will lose not less than 10 relations.

During summer or winter vacations, C will be finding it hard to believe that he has nowhere to spend his days at. No - "Mama ke ghar ja rahe hai", No - "Chachi ne ghar bulaya hai". Maybe then C will find more time for GOA!!!

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