I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Biking Log_21_APR_2011

>> Start of log event <<

Hi Fellow Bikers,

I am sharing the log for today's biking session:

Biking Objective: Stamina Training with Speed of Biking in Focus.

Equipment: BSA SLR Photon Ex Single Speed Bicycle, a set of wrist guards, a set of elbow guards, a biking helmet, a pair of biking shoes.
Precondition: Above normal air pressure in the rear tyre air tube.
Time Line: 0630 IST.
Time Elapsed: 40 minutes.

Weather condition:
   Humidity: Dry.
   Wind: No wind.
   Temperature: 29 deg C
Track condition: Dry and covered with leaves and twigs.

Biker's experience:

a. When one has above normal air pressure in the rear tyres of the bike then even the small bumps are magnified and smallest pits are bound to give greater shocks to the bike frame and therefore the biker.
b. Consistency is the key, keep on paddling even in the negative slopes. In the long run it will reduce the overall time.
c. When speed and time are the factors, then strategize the paddling energy according to the changing elevation of the track. Increase the speed when negative elevation is encountered.
d. This type of training is best for 1 to 5 mile races, where time is a factor.

>> End of log event <<

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