I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Biking Log_22_APR_2011

>> Start of log event <<

Hi Fellow Bikers,

Today is Good Friday and this is the day when the 3 day holiday package starts!! Therefore, biking can be enjoyed at any part of the day!! Happy Holidays to you all!!! Enjoy!

Nowadays, in Hyderabad, we are experiencing a light drizzle, every late evening and in the late nights! Due to which the mornings will be cloudy and the temperature will be down a Celsius or two.

I am sharing the log for today's biking session:

Biking Objective: Stamina Training with Speed of Biking in Focus a bit of photography will not harm ;).

Equipment: BSA SLR Photon Ex Single Speed Bicycle, a set of wrist guards, a set of elbow guards, a biking helmet, a pair of biking shoes.
Precondition: Above normal air pressure in the rear tyre air tube.
Time Line: 0830 IST.
Time Elapsed: 40 minutes.

Weather condition:
   Humidity: Normal.
   Wind: East-west breeze.
   Temperature: 26 deg C
Track condition: Wet and covered with leaves and twigs due to yesterday night's drizzle.

Biker's experience:

a. Excess sweat is causing problems as it is flowing down to the eyes and causing irritation due to the salt. Need to device a way to avoid this circumstance.
b. Since today too was an awesome day to start with and there were some new flowering trees blossomed in the track, I took some snaps of them. I am sharing them here.
c. Folks here are still staring at me in amazement due to the gear on me. I suppose it will pass in few more days when they will accept me as their fellow biker :)

>> End of log event <<

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