I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nobita Zu - In A Caste Cask

Hi Readers,

Nobita Zu was telling me, "And then he asked me, "So Beta, which caste do you belong to, A?, B??, C???", it was so embarrassing that time, awful. I answered that I did not know, and I did not know, really"
I enquired, "Then did you take that house on rent ?".
"Yes, aur nahi to kya (Hindi - What else could I have done?), the house was good and I needed one urgently".
"But I still wonder, what your humble Caste had to do with your living in the house ?"
"In the most positive and healthy thought process, may be he was trying to find any caste relations for a unreasonable bonding to form, a sense of being of the same community".
"I understand there are folks out there, who externally show solidarity to the eradication of the caste as a factor of discrimination but at the same time find caste as a factor to base their judgement on."

Nobita Zu, further narrated his exploits with the caste. "While we were looking out for alliances for my marriage, we came across a plethora of situations where the interested families, first and foremost, took our Caste into consideration before meeting us or even acknowledging other details about me or my family".

He added, "I also know that, in the earlier times, till a few decades ago, Caste was a necessary aspect of a person's life because it positioned him in the society, one was in and also among the other societies which had similar Caste structure. Caste was then an enveloping cocoon of protection against people from other groups of society as it provided a support system, may it be in profession or personal conflicts".
"Caste also dictated, which profession one was going to pursue, thus giving a respite from the confusion created by one's aspirations and ambitions to go where no one had earlier gone. For a parent, this gave the assurance that the offspring will follow their profession and all the professional knowledge base will be transferred with the property associated with it."

Nobita paused for a moment and then reflected, "But, today, I do not understand the importance of the same, in the contexts of its usability. Today, choosing a profession is becoming polarized between, Technical and non-Technical professions, Engineering and Medical stream, Private and Government Jobs and Managerial and Non-managerial occupational roles. What one's parent precisely did becomes obsolete when the offspring gets to adulthood due to rapid modernization."

I opened a coke can and extended it towards Nobita. We did a - Cheers, with our cans making a clanking sound.

"As with context of the protection from the community against the conflicts between the persons belonging to the same community or another, I do not see this resonating with the change in dimensions of the social structure and services it provides to all its cohabitants". "Earlier, your community was the one which stood by you, irrespective of you being the wronged or the wrongdoer. People from different communities have migrated, shattering the boundaries of their villages and towns and formed another community altogether."

I interjected, "Yes Nobita, your reasoning is on the correct lines, but see, human beings are majorly driven by pre-conceived notions and the conventions that are pre-established. I understand that this is natural as we have faith, respect and devotion towards the deeds of our ancestors and the society they belonged to. Also change is good and at the same time hard to follow."

Nobita nodded, "Yes, my friend, yes I know. I hope things change for good since it is high time that it did."  

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