I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Monday, April 18, 2011

The IT Life!

H Readers,

In India, with the beginning of a new Millennium, IT Engineering separated from its Papa, Mr Computer Engineering in the year of 2000, the same year it was recognised as a distinguished branch of Engineering in all Indian Universities. Since then, a decade has passed with so much to be taken notice of and discussed about.

IT Engineering, if discussed from the aspect of its age and maturity, is a sexy and confused teenager, high on hormones. Speaking about an IT Engineer, at present, she/he can only be 32 years old or less (Considering an age of 18-21 in the year 2000).

If we take an example of a different industry, like the corporate liberalised Banking & Finance sector, it is at least a century old, or the corporate construction sector, it is again more or less of the same age. Today, we can speak to a group of now retired personnels from these sectors, asking about their experiences and how was it like, spending the entire working life in these sectors. The same is not applicable to the IT sector. We can find Gurus in these industries who had started as a greenhorn and then have gone ahead to create a path which many are following, achieving great results!

One may ponder, if the maximum age an IT Engineer can attain as of today, is only 32, then the task of finding such a Guru in the industry is impossible. A Guru, who as an IT Engineer, has seen and done it all. A Guru who has faced the cut-throat competition in the last decade and has lived in the times when Engineering and especially the IT Engineering has experienced an exponential rise and a mind boggling boom. A Guru who can guide the IT industries and their workforce, more importantly who can be the Sachin Tendulkar for an individual IT Engineer.

In the absence of a Guru in the IT sector, an individual IT Engineer is running from pillar to post in search of guidance, as in how to proceed in this sector. Of course, she/he is accompanied by a group of educated and experienced folks, but she/he feels that they cannot help, since they are not from the same branch of the tree where they have taken their first flight of life. The nest may be the same, but not the branch! They feel, there is a Generation-Gap of some sorts! The peer folks are too, perplexed by the ever-transforming IT sector. There seems to be an anarchy or a wild fire, spreading in front of their eyes. As a result there are rumours and misinformation spreading about the IT sector on the topics of work culture, work related diseases, pay-packages, work ethics and its cultural impacts.

One may agree that yes, of course, there is a set of rules and guidelines which fit well in each sector, like the ethics, team work, conflict resolution etc., but at the same time there exists a set of specialities for each sector. That is where a Guru, comes into the picture.

Presently, an IT Engineer is hopelessly yearning for such a Guru. A Guru from the future, who would have seen it all, the one who can guide them.

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