I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Friday, December 31, 2010

An Elaborate Love letter

Dear respected Miss,

For the first time, the 3 word sentence, “I Love You” is spoken by a person to an another person always with a hidden question and an answer is expected from the other person. Now the answer can be of the following types:
  1. With a surprise in expression, a blunt and convincing “NO” with a long silence accompanied by the answering person storming out of there. This event may cause so much awkwardness that the two persons may not speak for a long period of time or god forbid, ever.
  2. A sympathetic “no” with some reasoning like “Oh, I never knew, but I do not. You are a good friend...”. This is accompanied by a long silence and then an apology from the answering person followed by another from the person who said the 3 word sentence may be with wet eyes and sad face.
  3. A happy “YES”, may be because it was about time the person confessed that. This is accompanied by a hug or holding of hands and this time the eyes of both are wet. This may be the moment they will cherish for their whole life to come.
  4. A shy “yes” because the answering person is happy to confess and wants to give the love a chance to grow stronger and more mature taking this moment as the beginning.

Now, when a person says these words, there are the following motives,

  1. The person believes, the other person to be the one for it and wants to move forward in their present relationship which was also enjoyable and stable.
  2. The person feels that without going forward and right away clearly saying these words, there will always be an ambiguity in its feelings and their relationship.
  3. The person wants to make the relationship work and only to grow stronger, irrespective of the above 4 types of responses it receives from the other person.
  4. The person respects the response and realizes that the person is mature enough to handle the situation and would not like the relationship to degrade from the position it is already in.
  5. The other person has some probability of responding in the response type, either 3 or 4. But the person also is empathetic towards the sadness if the response is of the type, either 1 or 2.

Now the above scenario is about a spoken confession. From the feel of it, it seems too risky and dramatic! Isn't it? That is why I chose to write one!

I believe and on some level enjoy the uncertainties of life. This belief opens up many opportunities for me. It gives me the strength to think of future in more positive light. It shows me more options and ways to live and lead my life.

Today, with much thought put in, I want to put some of my thoughts under your consideration.

I have waited for a long time and always thought of finding the one person to whom I will confess my feelings which are related to my heart. Let, for the sake of reference and ease of writing, that the person is A.

When I will confess my love to A, I would like that A should not take my 3 word sentence to have a question embedded in it. It is because I feel putting a question in hiding is a injustice to A, since it is not fair to expect an answer in this manner. It puts A in pressure to react to the question as well as handle the situation properly, if I am someone, A did not expect this expression from or I am someone with whom A wants to maintain the relationship as it was before the confession was made.

When I will confess my love to A, I would like to make A realize that, I am confessing my love because I feel it is an injustice and cruelty to myself to keep the other person unaware of my love and affection. I feel it is an injustice and cruelty to myself to not to tell the other person that I see us both together in the future and not only in happiness but also in other grey emotional moments too.

When I confess my love to A, I would like A to know that I love her, truly, from the bottom of my heart. A, should feel absolutely safe and trust my faithfulness if A wants to convey the same feelings towards me. A should also understand that I am not expecting any answer from her, but an acknowledgement of my love will be respected.

When I confess my love to A, A should know that if A answers in “YES” or “yes”, A would make me the most lucky and happy person and I would be speechless from the love the other person has for me.

Most important of any of the above, if A responds in “NO” or “no”, A should be 100% sure that I am mature enough to be happy than be sad since I got the opportunity to express my love. A should have full confidence in me and our relationship, so that we can continue to be friends, not only that but with more deepness in our relationship. It is not a crime to express one's love, isn't it? :)

A knows that she is such a nice, gorgeous and a lovable person that A could make someone fall in love with her. If it was me, ok, not an issue. It is not a crime, isn't it? :) If she does not know whether she is in a position or state of mind to answer me, that is absolutely fine. Just an acknowledgement is just fine.

Dear Miss,

I Love You, for the person you are. I Love You, for all the years in which our friendship flourished in-spite of ups and downs. I Love You for all the compassion and care you showed towards me. I love you for being with me all these years. Just wanted to tell you that in this lifetime.

Yours faithfully.

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