I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Love Thy Mother-Tongue

We call it our Mother-Tongue for a reason.

Being a non living abstract thing, a language does more than it seems. We think of a language as something, we speak, read or write. But do we realize that it is more than that? Just as a mother nurtures her child, one's Mother Tongue enables oneself to utter the first words spoken out of one's lips. Holding her hand, we call our parents, put our demands, laugh, cry and babble for the first time in our life. Our Mind starts observing and absorbing the world outside and it starts to make sense only with her support. We bond with our Parents, siblings, Uncles, Aunties, cousins and friends without realizing that she is standing at a distance, watching lovingly as we grow and make our way in this chaotic world.

The author of this blog by virtue of taking birth in a state where the folks had a different lingual mother than what his parents had, had then two lingual mothers and therefore grew up holding and thus engaging both the hands to get the support. He was spoilt with love. He got the affection of both and got the knowledge and the golden arts of speaking, reading and writing from both the mothers without bias.

Our mind developed cognitive skills and distinguished phones, improved learning curves, reading speed, comprehension and eloquence only after she prepared the ground for us.

Today as a grown up, as it was expected though, we left her alone in her house, cold and dark where there is no one to take care of her and ask for her. Even worse, we desecrate her teachings by violating the language itself, making her impure and look sombre in front of our new found foster lingual mother, who is modern and makes us look knowledgeable, educated and fashionable in this grown up world. We have completely forgotten about her and the touch of the comforting hand which led us from a crying cringing infant to a jumping joyous juvenile.

Still, the mother calls you. It is not very late to reciprocate your love towards her. At least for the sake of the love, pay her back.

Speak your Mother-tongue with pride and purity. Thanks, is what she will say.


Srikanth Deshpande said...

Very fine article...luved it my frnd...finally a good article from you!! thought provoking...

I completely accept with the Author...Encourage using MOTHER TOUNGE!!!

Sunit said...


Thanks for taking time and reading the article!
I really feel sad after seeing the way we treat our mother-tongue nowadays, not giving her due respect. We all can pitch in and speak in pure and original mother tongue where ever and when ever we can!! There is no advantage and fun in speaking in a mixed and garbled language.

Also you will agree that there are many situations and styles of dialogue which we can easily perform when speaking in our mother tongue! Example: Our own Film Dialogues, Sare na Bassu ;)