I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SNAP: The Inky Pen wins over the HB Pencil


SNAP is of course a different and an unique exam for MBA Entrance, whether it may be the 2 Marks questions or the emphasis on logical reasoning or the General Awareness section. But one of the most intriguing fact is that the examinee has to mark the answers with a Pen on the OMR answer sheet, leaving no way out if the answer marked was wrong and was discovered at a later stage!

I cannot understand the logic behind the advantage of marking the answers with a Pen instead of a Pencil!!
I have some guesses:
1. Less luggage, more comfort! (Without pencil, no need for Erasure and sharpener)
2. Leave one’s mark in the history of SNAP forever!
3. Pen is mightier than the sword! Snap the SNAP with a Pen and win the Battle!
4. A Pen in need is a Pen indeed.
5. More Mileage, less maintenance!

Just being Jocular here! Smile with me, wear the cap and sail with the SNAP!
Best wishes!!


mukteswar said...

dude that was funny .there wont be enough time to go back and check ur answers i mean in how many exams have u erased ur previous answer and circled a new one .and even if u do get a wrong bubble then what i suggest is circle another bubble of the same question no ,in this case they wont calculate the answer of that question rite.it is better not to get a -ve mark. whats ur suggestion ?

correct me if there is any mistake.

Sunit said...


Dude, first of all thanks a ton for investing your precious time in reading this blog entry!

Yes you are absolutely correct that that case were one had the chance to look back at the question in these exams are non-existent.

Yes, the method for avoiding the negative mark is also very helpful at least in mitigating the loss of marks!!

Cheers to the exams!! As people say, "Commit crime when folks are busy giving MBA entrance exams, because then God is also busy watching them!!"

mukteswar said...

dude that logic was not rite,u can get a -ve 1 mark for marking more than one bubble of one question .checkout other question papers like iift.

have fun!