I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Monday, January 3, 2011

MBA Exam Calender 2010

Hi Guys,

Happy New Year 2011. Starting my blogomania this year with an informative article on my blog.
Yesterday, on 2nd January 2011, the great MBA season of the year 2010 ended with a bang. As promised, this season was full of energy and at the same time coldness. CAT exam was online for the second time, but this time without any glitch and was conducted in an overly efficient manner. I had to mandatorily sleep in the exam hall for over an hour, yaawwwn. Other exams, more or less, remained the same without any noteworthy change.

I am sharing with you the MBA Entrance Exam calender for this year. With a myriad of sources and websites available today, it is no doubt an arduous task to assimilate all the information regarding MBA exams in one place. This calender gives you all the basic information about the entrance exams conducted for top 20 B-Schools of India in chronological order.

# Exam Name Exam Date & Time Website Fee Results on
1 IRMA, Anand November, 14, 0915-1215 www.irma.ac.in 1000 27th Dec
2 CAT – IIM 27 Oct to 24 Nov, 2 Slots www.catiim.in 1400 12th Jan 2011
3 IIFT November,28, 1000-1200 www.iift.edu 1500 20th Dec
4 FMS December,5, 1400 www.fms.edu 750 Not Mentioned
5 JMET December,12, 1000-1300 web.iitd.ac.in 770 3rd Jan 2011
6 SNAP December,19, 1400-1600 www.snaptest.org 1550 12th Jan 2011
7 XAT January,2, 1030-1300 xlri.net.in 950 31st Jan 2011

MBA and its purpose: An observation and a survey

It was a nice and refreshing experience after 37 months at my job at Verizon, Hyderabad  as an Java Analyst to return to where I belonged, colleges. My love with colleges, I am sure will be shared by Lakhs if not Thousands of folks out there. My fascination with huge mega campuses and dudes and dudettes adorned in Blues has been there from long. It is a place where I want to be all of my life.

Some of the thoughts which I would like to share among the clan of MBA aspirants about the different reasons for joining this:

a. This is one of the futile and the most general answers one will utter and that is, Money. It is easy to reason anything on the basis of Money. After all, it is the purchasing power and the gateway to luxury and fame.

b. Corner office plush job. Want to wear suits, join MBA. Want to roam around the world in Business class or in Mercedes, welcome to MBA world.

c. 2 years of Post graduation from a Mast college will give you such a spring in life which the last 16 years of education couldn't.

d. MBA, a life skill from the core, a must learn.

e. Ease of availability and feasibility of higher education due to Education loans and support and hype in favour of an MBA degree.

f. Social status of being an MBA post-graduate.

I would like to wish all the aspirants of the MBA 2011-13 batch as well as the future "to-be" members of the clan all the very best in their endeavours.

Warm wishes.
Sunit Ronnie Ghosh

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