I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Death is a humbling factor. Death is a truth no one can deny. Death is omnipresent. So is life.

I wake up everyday thinking of what this day will bring to me new. It can be either sour or bitter, or it can be either sweet or salty. One thing is certain it will add some taste to my life.

One day death will also knock. That day can be any day. Either tomorrow or today.

Should I think about death? Yes.
Why? Because it is a constant companion.
What this companion tells us? It whispers into our ears that live your life like there is no tomorrow. Live your life like you have only this day to shower love on all your dear ones. Live your life like today is the day you take all the risks to make something worthwhile in your life. Live your life like today is the day is all you have got.

Death in some cultures is celebrated as an important stage of life. Life? Yes life. They believe the soul lives on and thus the deeds and memories of the person who departed.
Sad that the same is not true with all the cultures. Sad? Yes, sad because we do not celebrate but rather mourn the death. We only feel the absence and the gloom left behind. We ignore the goals, ambitions and dreams left behind. We forget the unfinished missions and tasks. Most important we underestimate the bond we shared with the person. We feel it was only physical which was broken when the person left this physical world.

Those who do no believe in souls, should continue to do so. Those who do not believe in God, should continue to do so. But those who do, they must believe that the human lives are not physical but they are the thoughts and the action thereafter. That is why the actions taken in the human history and the thoughts of our ancestors still guide and propel us forward and will continue to do so.

Start living and carry on the energy and the torch because this is what death wants us to do, until the day it knocks at your door. Celebrate your life with death in mind. Be humble. Best wishes!!


anand said...

so philosophical........

mukteswar said...

so true ."death" could be a powerful tool to do something in ur life.when i say doing something ,what i meant is doing something good in ur life for others.but we, as a human being ,have been trying to avoid the talk related to death,sorrow,pain and suffering.if u talk about death all the time or most of time in front of your friend ,he might refer u to a psychologist ,thinking that u probably are depressed.

what i meant is there are some truth about life we know but we dont want to talk about it.if we cant talk then there is no chance
for celebrating it as an important
stage of life.

mistakes? let me know.

Sunit said...


Thanks for reading the article. Yes, for the society death has always been a hushed subject and a philosophical frivolity. But one can draw meaning and purpose from it.

Sunit said...


Absolutely, as already replied in the previous comment reply, the subject of death and its related matters are taken to be dark, sad and gloomy topics.

As I have mentioned, the same is not true for some societies where death is celebration of the life lived.

Of course one should never talk obsessively about any topic whether it may be death or any other, but at the same time one should initiate and put logic in place for the matters which are not really what they seem.

Also death is a matter to be pondered upon not discussed. Hope my point of view is taken note of.

Thanks for reading the article.

Neha Mehta said...

Nice and philosophical too...

Sunit said...


Thanks for reading the article!