I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010



Today's dispatches will include the following:

1. Apple too plugged the leak!!
Apple followed suit as was expected. Various companies are having a good time revising and blowing off dust from the rule books to fight the hula boo created by WikiLeaks.
To comprehend the menace created by WikiLeaks, if we perceive it objectively, we can give an analogy that it is similar to somebody publishing all our chat conversation and e-mail content on web. Only here instead of an individual, the target is a nation. It can be said that WikiLeaks is also driven by ulterior motives which is beyond comprehension for a common man.
With more companies, which are US based or affiliated, are resisting to any association with WikiLeaks, the matter is getting under control. What will be the final sum of the effects of the leak, only time can tell. Wait and watch as we are mere spectators!

2. After Blackberry now it is GMail!!
Indian Government miffed by the lack of control on the content on the Internet has started to look into this direction and is intensifying the force and the reach day by day. It was Blackberry first then and now it is the turn of GMail. Almost all the individual needs for e-mail today is fulfilled by GMail, Yahoo and hotmail. Many corporates still have not switched to their own domain and increasingly are now dependant on these free e-mail services. Google, in any case has to negotiate and bend its policies as it has stakes in India including corporate offices and research wings.

3. For a change we will have Onions instead of Terrorists from Pakistan. But beware, these Onions can terrorize your digestive system!! LOL
Onion which is a popular and a must-include ingredient in the Indian cuisine is again under the radar for the demand and supply deficit. Onions have, in the past, brought tears in the market and have toppled governments. When asked, why the Onions bear this fate, one of the vendor blames it on the huge demand in the winters due to which the freshly cultivated Onions are directly brought for the sale and therefore succumb to rot due to high moisture content. A high percentage of Onions rot creating a deficit.

4. Pura filmi story ban gaya bhai sahab!!
What is more to be seen. Now filmy style murder plans of the government officials involved in CWG corruption case if believed as told by their fellow inmates is intriguing. We all must have seen some or the other bollywood movie where a key witness or a accused is killed in a staged accident by the villain. So here is a real life incident just for the Indian public.

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