I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Teach for India foundation @http://www.teachforindia.org

I truly have faith on this Program and believe that it will make a huge impact on the society. Though this Program is in its nascent stage and is currently limited to near by areas of Mumbai, Pune and Delhi, it is bound to spread to major parts of the country to make its presence felt.

For the readers of this post who are apprehensive of this project, I would like to list some salient, interesting and attractive points:

a. Teach For India Fellows will be paid a stipend of Rs. 15,000 per month and will be given a housing allowance (dependent on the city in which they will stay) along with an allowance for school supplies.

b. Waiver of 3 year work experience requirement for Teach For India alumni in Indian School of Business and School of Business.

c. Reservation of 5 seats for Teach For India alumni in SP Jain Institute of Management and Research and School of Business.

d. A large and growing number of corporates support for Teach For India alumni by offering deferrals on job offers for new hires choosing to pursue the Fellowship, and/or recruiting from the pool of Fellows while giving 2 years of work experience credit.

e. As the experience of Teach For America alumni shows, Teach For India alumni will be in high demand in any sector because they have the experience of overcoming immense challenges and have developed widely applicable leadership skills. Teach For India has already established close ties with Harvard Business School, IIM Bangalore, HDFC, Godrej Industries, the Indian School of Business, McKinsey & Company, Tata Consultancy Services, Columbia Law School, Accenture and the Thermax Group, among many others.

I hope there are many of us who want to take up such endeavours in our life and are waiting for a opportune moment. I would like to extend my greetings and invite them to the foundation. Welcome.

To read about one of such mavericks of our time and generation, please read the article hosted at PaGaLGuY.com Click to read.

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