I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Java Blog@Oracle, JavaSpotLight #11

Hi Java Enthusiasts,

Podcast #11 from Oracle's Java blog is out now, posted on Jan 06, 2011. In the 18:31 minute long podcast, the discussion focused on,

1. JavaTest team release JTHarness 4.3 at java.net : 

The JT harness is based on Oracle's JavaTest harness. The JT harness is a general purpose, fully-featured, flexible, and configurable test harness very well suited for most types of unit testing. Originally developed as a test harness to run TCK test suites, it has since evolved into a general purpose test platform. The JT harness:
  • Is designed to configure, sequence, and run test suites that consist of many (100,000 or more) discrete, independent tests. It is especially good at testing APIs and compilers.
  • Can be used to run tests on all of the Java platforms, from the Java Card platform, to the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition ("Java EE").
  • Enables you to create test suites that are self-contained products that customers can easily configure and run.
Source and more info here.

2. JBoss 6.0 Community Release:

RedHat has now released JBoss 6.0, a Java EE 6 Web Profile product. It is a community release, meaning that support on this product is not available, yet! This release adds another player to the growing list of JavaEE implementations which means more choice for developers. With JBoss AS officially implementing the Java EE 6 spec now, a new baseline for Java EE has been set. From now on, technologies like JSF 2.0, EJB3.1, JPA 2.0 and CDI can really be considered as basic, standard available techs.

More here.

3. New version of LeonardoSketch released, including Amino toolkit:

Leonardo is an open source vector drawing program named after the 15th century painter, but aimed for the 21st century user.  It focuses on common tasks like mock ups, prototyping, quick vector sketches, and presentations with a clean and consistent user interface. Leo is designed to be augmented by Internet webservices and plugins created in several scripting languages.
Current Features include:
  • export to PNG, HTML, HTML Canvas, SVG, Email, and Twitter.
  • import from SVG (partial support)
  • vector drawing with curves, shapes, and text.
  • common reusable symbols stored in a sidebar
  • integrated Creative Commons Flickr search

More info here.

4. Events@Oracle:

5. Feature interview with Nabor Coutinho De Oliveira Junior

Nabor Coutinho De Oliveira Junior is the Manager of Mobile Internet and Messaging for Tim Cellular. The interview was focused on inviting developers from Brazil and across the world to develop for the TIM Cellular Application Store.

TIM website here.

6. The future of JSR-310, Date and Time API:

More here.

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