I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

JavaFX: Unifying Desktops, Mobiles and TV

Hi Java Programmers,

Greeting!! How are you doing? For this article the target audience is the group of Java Programmers looking forward to graphics and related development using JavaFX and have no prior knowledge of the same.

JavaFX is an expressive rich client platform for creating and delivering rich Internet experiences across all the screens of your life. Be it a 15'' desktop CRT/LCD or a 7'' Java enabled Mobile or a 37'' T.V, JavaFX applications will  be omnipresent.

Key features:

a. One-stop-shop expressive content design and development platform across desktop, browser, mobile, and television with a unified development and deployment model.

b. Applications can be distributed across billions of devices through the power of Java including Mobile and TV.

c. JavaFX Mobile brings expressiveness to Java ME, a best way to bring expressive, feature-rich content to mobile and television devices.

d. In mobile devices, JavaFX builds on top of the existing Java ME platforms to reduce implementation costs for device manufacturers.

e. Dramatically shorten your production cycle for design and development by using JavaFX Production Suite to incorporate multimedia assets from popular third-party design tools.

f. Powerful runtime: Leverage the extreme ubiquity, power, performance and security of the Java runtime.

g. With Java SE 6 update 10 and beyond, you can drag-to-Install applications from your browser directly onto your desktop.

Implementations of JavaFX

1. Applications involving images and its deployment.
2. Animation.
3. Video streaming and related functionality.

Learning JavaFX

1. We need to download Netbeans IDE 6.9.1 which has JavaFX development capabilities along with PHP, JavaScript and Ajax, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Groovy and Grails, and C/C++. For Windows Platform click here to download the IDE.

2. After the download and installation, for getting started immediately with an interesting program, click here.

Hope you will have fun, with JavaFX. Do post your comments on how did you find it!

Warm wishes,
Sunit Ronnie Ghosh

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aalavandhaann said...

Good and great blog article. Can you please tell me how do i deploy my javafx application on my TV?