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I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Marvellous Marriage Melody

Hi Readers,

I am saddened and fed up of the crass, demoralizing and degrading jokes and one liners about Marriage and the life after. It's high time we stop them. It's one of those things which everybody likes to laugh about as if it is a hilarious subject to joke around, without any base or truth in it.

Image. Image building. Perspective about Marriage. Presumptions about the married life. All these are being created and impacted by the negativity and the cruel vilification of the concept of Marriage, consciously by those who could not make their Marriage a success or unconsciously by those who just want to be a stand up comedian and get acceptance among the bunch of guys from the office and in society by quoting a few jokes about how can one get going ruining one's life by getting married. Is it necessary to do so?!

On the other side, the couples who are leading a happy and content life after marriage, will never come out and give speeches of their success stories in the public. They are not meant to do so. But the disgruntled ones will never stop spreading the venom. Even when there is nothing to gain in doing so.

The most popular and unfortunately the most cherished thought about Marriage is that it is such a event in a person's life which introduces complexities, stress, unhappiness, boundedness and compromises in both, day to day life and one's dreams and gives a few happy moments in return. The more saddening fact is that people believe in it without any doubt in mind about its validity. It's because it is very simple to put a stamp on a thing, as difficult and not worthy, which demands commitment and compromise in life.

One need to understand that when one has to walk the path of Marriage and hopes to get the best deal out of it then why to propagate and participate in such negative image building. Yes, true, life changes dimensions after Marriage, nobody will deny! Yes, there are compromises to be made, nobody will deny! But then just like anything else there are cycles of happiness and other things! Invest your best in your thoughts and get the same in action. You will reap what you shall sow!

On raising the topic of marriage in a discussion, all one gets in return is, negative and derogatory comments and observations from all corners. What is the reason? It is because, even though we were born and brought up in a society which marks Marriage as a mandatory and important event, it is mired and submerged in malpractices like the practice of dowry and casteism or the emotional separation of the bride from one's parents and home or the indifferent and under treatment of the bride or the immaturity on the spouse's part, where one allows pre-marriage love relationships to interfere in the marriage.

There has been an observation made. Nowadays, Marriage is attached with the additional and sudden burden of the establishment of resources like, house, vehicle, adequate movable and immovable property and other expectations from both the quarters of the bride and the groom alike. Why target marriage as the final point of growth in one's life? Why burden marriage with financial and material goals which can be accomplished in a phased and planned manner way before or after marriage? Why not view marriage as an enabler of the couple's advancement as a joint force, rather than attaching pounding expectations to it?

Whoever thinks that Marriage is a conversion process of making a person mature, is partially  incorrect. Marriage is for the mature. As two persons coming together for a duration of one's lifetime requires an unimaginable amount of planning, understanding and maturity on one's part.

Today, there are so many cooked up stories about Marriage and many a recipes for a successful one. The person yet to be married is in a delusion of a sort where one thinks that one is equipped with all the knowledge one may require to lead a happy married life. One forgets the fact that just as every person is different, there are as many different ways to make it a enjoyable journey.

You want to know the secret for a happy and successful marriage. Open the doors of mind. Look out. Unconditional Love, understanding, tuning one's ego to a healthy level and caring and pampering the spouse is one of the few things to start with. Invest in marriage with your commitment and of course one need to compromise for the greater good one will be bestowed upon.

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Saurabh said...

Content seems to be good..
But in order to be a efficient writer try writing under a heading
i.e each para (or 2 para ) should be diff from other para's and in short they should be starting and ending in themselves in some sense.

It seems that you write random thoughts while writing .... avoid that!
Got some food for thought ?