I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lucky in Life, Unlucky in Love

Hi Readers,

When I came across the old adage, "Lucky in Life, Unlucky in Love", I was awestruck with its symmetry and symbolic implications. Another adage, "Love is Life", if we combine with the former, teams up to be more thought provoking.

Who is termed to be lucky in life? The person, who is generally lucky in one's life, on being asked to enumerate the previous hardships faced and existing nagging troubles in life, will not be able to compose an answer, may be even if given a few minutes of time. Luck, here is not referred in a sense where the person is driven by luck in her/his actions and counts it as a factor in the final result of it. Luck, if taken over a period of time, like the teenage stage or a duration of 5 to 10 years, one can look back and conclude, yes, I have been lucky in my life. That is the luck, we are talking about. You had taken a few risks here and there, a few bold steps, walked the path where few have trodden and had come out just fine and unscratched. Such persons can say, yes  they are lucky in life. Luck is of course no substitute for hard-smart-working and bold and fearless attitude.

Love is Life, one quips. And, yes there is nothing so simple and humbling than this. Live and let live. Love and let love. Love, here can be between two persons; a person and the pet animal; a person and an object of great value which is cherished as a possession; or a person and her/his love for nature, a hobby or an art. Out of these, love between two persons is the most satisfying and rewarding than others. It is because receiving love from another person, brings validity of one's existence, assurance of one's usefulness in other's life and the capability of being loved by a other and faith in humanity.

Who is termed to be unlucky in love? The person, who encountered many times in her/his journey of life, people, who were worthy and suitable for the love she/he showered upon but alas, did not get the same in return. Those worthy people never gave a place for her/him in their heart and did not become a part of the life, they dreamt of. Or even if the love sustained, it was cut short soon enough. Love was lost, she/he was torn apart from loved ones. The person suffered many heart-breaks, painful farewells and never found a companion when she/he need it the most.

Success can be achieved through constant perseverance, hard-work and never-say-die spirit. But when it comes to Love, no concoction works.

Lucky in Life, Unlucky in Love, is for those who could become what they wanted to be, but could not be with whom they wanted to be. Are you one of them?

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