I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Pain Of Love

Hi Readers,

How r u? My friend Nobita is not fine!

He is inconsolable. He is in great pain! He is complaining of a pinching pain in the left side of his chest! I am worried for him. He is not telling me, how and why it is happening? He is requesting me to leave him alone for sometime. I do not want to, but I do leave him to his thoughts for sometime.

Next Morning:

I asked him, as he came out of his room, "Hey Nobita, what happened to you last night? You were not your usual self?"
He said, "Have you been in love?". I answered in negation. He then said that I cannot understand then.

Nobita had been in love!! Nobita was now heat-broken. His heart shattered of all the hopes of the future. The same future which he had woven in his mind with the loved one, he loved so much. The comforting feelings had now become the uncomfortable pain in his heart. His conscious confused. He has been questioning God, the almighty, why me? Why it was happening to him? Is there no love in his life? Is this the end of all the good things in life.

From the past few days when ever he sees a happy couple, he turns his face away in disgust. This heart-break has uprooted all the faith in love and life. I cannot see Nobita like this, so I confronted him. I asked him to talk to me in detail. Nobita then broke like a dam full of water!

I loved her! Yes I did. I did not expect this to happen. I expected too much. Shah!! It is true that love is blind. Mine was too. I thought that this is the end of the search of my soul-mate. I have been eluded by love for good till now but then I saw a glint of light a few months ago. I felt the warmth and comfort in her eyes. I heard the voice I wanted to hear all my life. I smelled the excitement in my brain whenever I used to be with her.

She was all I wanted as somebody to be my soul-mate. I could listen, her talk for eternity. I could do whatever needed to be done to be with her on her side. Her presence made me nervous for a second or two but from then on it gave the moment a special spark. My smile came out with more shyness when she was there. My eyelids fluttered like the butterfly when she was in front of my eyes.

She was a Goddess. She was plain and simple. She had the most beautiful smile in the whole world. The world smiled along with her. It shined bright when she was out in the sun and it was breezy when she walked lightly, her hair tangling and untangling in the wind. Her stare could disarm an army. Her poise and posture exuded confidence. Her aura touched all those around her. Her eyes big and bright, set all the things right. Her eyes calmed the seething mind. Her expressions expressed positivity and spread vibrations of liveliness all around.

But she loved someone else. And this is one of the darkest side of love. Love, by virtue of its enormous emotive power happens with one at a time. Love is one to one. Therefore I was to be moved behind the lines of Love Land where I had no rights. I was to be discarded to let me burn in pain and agony for the innocent crime of trespassing in the Love Land. I was an outcast. I have now to bear the brunt of the laws of Love Land.

Ah, the pain of Love!


Uma Maheswar Nakka said...

very good article
thanks and regards
blessings to you

Yemiledu said...

Hey that was really good!!