I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ekalavya Learned from a Distance!

Hi Readers!

I recall, one of the stories in the Epic of Mahabharata where a boy named Eklavya, a young prince of the Nishadha tribes, was mesmerized by the sight of the Pandava Brothers learning the skill of Archery. He felt a strong urge to learn and master the same. Alas his status and the situation could not allow him to be a part of the elite. What did he do? Eklavya learned from a Distance!

In this world, where humans are ranked and judged on the basis of a number of factors and basis, the most visible is the the educational credentials of a person. Be it a job, their social position, the proposal of Marriage, the question a Five year old child is asked about the education of its parents during the school entrance interview, or the prejudice of mental agility and knowledge one has, Education Credentials controls them all.

Each and every human being is not the same. They are not the same because of the follwing factors:
  • The era one was born, 
  • the family in which one grew up,
  • the number of siblings one had,
  • the kind of social surroundings one had, 
  • the number and kind of friends one made,
  • the opportunities of education and development of Skills one received.

Ones attitude towards life and conscience develops mostly from the above factors. (OFF Topic)

As everyone is different, there has to be equally numbered ways for doing things for obtaining the same results.

Distance education was started with the intention of catering to the demands of a wide class of aspirants of education who cannot be physically present for the same.

From the begining of the post independence Indian culture, the attitude towards the distance courses has pretty much changed. 

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