I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

My First Music Concert

Hi Readers,

It Feels good when you have something to blog about after a while. Though I did not purposefully wanted to stay away from my blogger account, but sometimes you are in such a fix that you forget your loved ones.

OK, yesterday, I did something which I can add to my list of "DONE" things in my life. Celebrities have been eluding me for the part of life till yesterday. Shreya Ghoshal, a super pretty, talented like hell Bong lass was the one who gave me my first time.

Friends, as they say, add to your life. So I would like to say thanks to my friends who gave me this opportunity and had the time and consideration to ask to accompany. Thanks Yaars.

As always, there were many things to learn on the way. In a city, you can neither master all the routes nor can you know all the places. Such one place was the venue where she had landed for the performance. Also, this gave us the chance to interview, although lasting a few seconds every-time, a score of Auto-Drivers of Secunderabad. So we made some new friends. Paid them too, sometime heavily for their friendly time with them.

What is the one thing you will find every where in India owing to the ever exploding population? People queuing up to kilometres of length. This time was also not an exception. Maintaining civility were a dozen of Burly Bouncers. I appreciated the built of one and he gave me a deadly look. I scampered ahead.

Though, we spent a good amount of time in the queue, we could hear the honey laded voice of Shreya. It made us to keep on moving ahead in the queue.

At the far end of the stadium she was singing with full energy and gusto, inviting us closer. Two huge screens were projected upon for the audience to get a closer look at her. VIPs had the luxury of seating in the front 20 rows. We managed to get closer but she was visible to us like a golden miniature doll glittering and reflecting all the spotlight focussed on her.

We enjoyed and she kept on mesmerizing and hypnotising us with her charm and scintillating songs, back to back.

But the time soon came where we had to return but taking a to-be-remembered experience with us.

God bless Shreya!

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Saurabh said...

Yes buddy we had good time together :)