I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chook-Chook Travel

Most of the travel which I have undertaken has been by Trains. Whether it may be a trip to home-town by inter-state trains or for attending college classes by local trains or now regular commute to the office by the MMTS, the spacious Aluminium Alloy body swift local trains of Hyderabad, trains have always been my companion.

My fascination and bonding with the trains extend from the days when I was a kid and if you are going to board a train in the coming days, then you can be pretty sure it was the holiday season and the days were going to be filled with extreme fun, away from school, and with the parents, their parents and my cousins. Alas! those days are not going to return anyway!!

With trains a travel is a journey minus the jejune jerks, breaking blasts, horrendous horns, spewing smoke and Newtonian Inertial law principles playing with you. And of course there is Centrifugal and Centripetal Combo on the sharp turns and the overrides. One does not feel that he/she is on a F-16 on a roll, when on a train.

Trains are always rhythmic and jocular whether the journey is short or spanning days. She goes on carrying the rhythm within her and whistling along and in her embrace we move. She has the courtesy of treating all alike, Rich or Poor, the Ill or the Hearty, a Nubile or a Septuagenarian. She pays respect by coming to a still for all, who are in a need of her timely help.

People have nerves of steel, she runs on them. She is a shining example of ruthless speed combined with  the discipline of staying on course and bang on time. She is my Train! My gal!

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Anonymous said...

Travelling in train has always been my best mode of commutation to my place.So, this blog has reminded me of my time spent over in trains:)