I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Google DevFest 2011, Hyderabad

Hi Readers,

Finally the day had come, when I was going to be a part of the Google DevFest, 2011 being organised in our city, Hyderabad!

Boarded the 08:14 local train and got down at the Hafeezpet station(04:50 minutes only, cool). From there, took an auto to Izzat Nagar(Shilpa Apartments, Kondapur) and walked the rest of the distance to reach the Novotel hotel. The preparations were looking neat and grand and the security and the administration had inviting expressions on the faces. I was guided to the registration counter. Received a Google Bag and cute Google spiral notebook.

Awesome. I felt the same, when I stepped inside the grandest auditorium ever visited!. Ever!! It was so huge that I felt amazing standing there. None of the participants had arrived then. Walked to the stage and felt the music thumps played on the large amplifiers there!! Just awesome. Then and there I knew that I am going to love this event!

After few minutes, 2 of my colleagues and friends arrived and joined me. We had Cappuccino, served there. Then Mr Rajdeep Dua, Developer Advocate with the Google Developer Relations team, gave the keynote speech. There were a couple of interesting sessions on Android (an operating system for mobile devices from Google). We enjoyed the tasty-crispy cookies of various kinds and Coffee once again during the Tea-break.

Lunch was again beyond our expectation!  Each and every dish served, from the Cream-Pea-Soup to the Chocolate-Cake, was just an example of fine dining! We engaged ourselves for an hour at the Lunch time.
Another series of informative sessions on Programming aides and Partner Talks from the representatives from two Indian Companies who have made it big using the Android Programming SDKs to develop Applications to be used on the Smart-phones running on Android!

Another Tea Break to enjoy the refreshing Cup of Java! Then the closing ceremony, after a couple of sessions on Google Maps and Places.

Waiting for the next year's DevFest now!!

For more info, click here.

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