I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

My First Air-travel

Hi Reader,

The travel to Raipur by the JetLite Light Carrier Aircraft(LCA, 200 seater, 3x3) was fun and astonishing.

It is correctly said that only after one experiences the wonders of Science and Technology, one can truly understand it. It was true for Electricity, Internet, Mobile Communication and now it came true for the Air-Travel too!

For at least for an hour after getting off the air-plane, I was not able to believe that I travelled from the A.P. Capital, Hyderabad to C.G. Capital Raipur within a hour, which used to take at least 15 hours by train. Also an interesting observation is that even though, for the same distance, an A.C. ticket cost ratio between the train (Rs. 1000) and the air-plane (Rs. 3000) is 1:3, the ratio of travel-time is diminished 15 times i.e. 15:1.

Therefore it is quite a deal but only when undertaken according to urgency and importance of the trip. If there is no time constraint then train travel must be planned. But there is no comparison of the comfort and high-quality service of the air-travel.

A one-time must for all who are ready to be amazed!

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Anonymous said...

in train u'll not find beautiful air hostess.... Instead u'll find male TC...