I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
My busy day is spent like this!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

My college life...

I wake up at 5 am sometimes 5:15 out of laziness and then perform all those essential morning activities and get ready of the grueling and meaningful task of a studying professional and that is me.

I leave home by 5:50 am for the 6:04 am MMTS train and perform a brisk walk listening to my favorite songs on my W270 and overtaking all those morning walk enthusiasts and casual occasional morning walkers with ease and reach my destination, the great great Chandanagar MMTS train station terminal of Hyderabad. I love overtaking people on my way while walking and I love my station. Muaaah!!!

I am the first and the last person in the ticket queue because it is 6 in the morning dude, wake up!! Then putting the paper ticket in the back right pocket and the left change in the back left pocket I start the playback of my W270 which I politely pause while entering the station entry. Then I take my favorite and almost reserved seating place on the platform. Then enters the train in the station just like a chief guest in a function but with a difference, right on time. And after boarding it successfully I, while listening to songs, complete the Hausaufgaben as they call home work in German. I enjoy the Lingampally to Hyderabad MMTS journey because it is safe, cozy, comfortable and refreshing. I like trains than other means of transport because this is me, ok. After reaching Lakdi-ka-pul, again a compulsive brisk walk overtaking the slow paced and lethargic people on my way to the most coveted Lakdi-ka-pul bus station where Hyderabad’s almost every bus pays a visit to.

My bus’s number is 113 Y or 113 I/M. This bus is one of a kind not because it is some Hydrogen cell run or high technology enabled vehicle with Wi-Fi but because it gets so many happy sighs on its arrival at the bus stand. All the anxious and knowledge hungry students wait for this divine and super bus of ours 113.

Next stop is the serene and lush Indira Park and in front of it is our College VIOL, Vivekananda Institute of languages, situated in the premises of Ramakrishna Math, the hub of spiritual enlightenment and awareness.

Before entering college a quick bite for the upcoming brain storming and brain churning session. Ahha, boiling hot ginger tea with Britannia cream crackers at 7 am under the trees and a mesmerizing view of a group of pigeons and people feeding them and in the backdrop of dark green trees, heath conscious citizens of Hyderabad of all age groups routinely following their personalized exercise regime. I just love this sight. It is so soothing. One by one my classmates join me in this lovely ambience. Greeting and niceties are exchanged in German and oh no it’s almost 7:28. Run friends run, only 2 minutes till the entry seals. Running we enter the 3 level of check and security, ID & prayer book check, dress code check and the metal detector check. After this we climb up the ladders to the prayer hall in the second floor where students are already lined up and waiting for the proceedings to begin. Sharply at 7:29 reverend Swamiji, the director of our college enter the hall and exactly at 7:30 start the prayer. After the prayers are said, a nice and inspiring speech by him ends the morning gathering. We inch towards the classroom in the first floor. I switch off the tube lights on the staircase since now the sunshine illuminates it (energy saved).

Reaching the class room we exchange greeting with our classmates. Usually the talk will be about the homework or the slowly day by day nearing class test or the seminar. Then the teacher arrives, we stand up, say the appropriate thing and sit back. Then starts the lessons, exercises, work books, tests, vocabulary, grammar- entirely a different world of german language. We enjoy the lesson and learn it. At the end we get adequate home work. Bell rings at 9:30 am sharp. Time for the girls to go. Why you say, don’t the ever-restless-boys want to escape? Wait my dear, that bell is 2 minutes after this. Poor boys!!

I usually take the back seat on the Motorrad (motor bike in English) of my friend who drops me at the coveted Lakdi-ka-pul bus station. Missing regularly the 9:38 am MMTS train reminds me that there are still some things in India which runs punctually.

Down faced I have now started to travel back in buses. But whenever I get a chance, I travel by the beloved MMTS.

Change in gears, no no, not of the buses but of the worlds. Back to office, boy! Suddenly the college life, all the fun and frolic,all the classmates and college girls! disappear and MINDSPACE appears in front my eyes. Back to Titus where I, a employee of VDSI, Verizon Data Services India Private Limited and a member of esteemed team SSP Ordering services spend the next 9 hours of my day contributing and having nice snacks.

Thank you God for giving such a nice life to me.

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