I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Friday, December 18, 2009

A LOVE-ly train journey

Cheerful and busy married couples with cute-smile babies, just married couples, to be married couples, just couples (more than friends types) and budding love couples all around me. Where in the name of God am I, do you ask? It is the B1 compartment, AC 3-tier of Train number 2809 Howrah mail middle berth number 21.

Date: 17th December 2009.
Nature of journey: A visit to my hometown, the power and mineral capital of Chhattisgarh, yes you are correct, Korba.

Ah, the heart aches when you feel the love in the air especially when the compartment is AC one and the air the super charged with love, care and super show of affection.

Following were the incidents which surrounded me, enough to make one cry in pain arising out of love pangs:

Case number 1:
Mrs. Wife and her family, taking super care of the whole lot. Her baby is making all sort of amazing cute noises and all attention grabbing activities including the horrible wail and she being the mother, the God's greatest gift as people say and it is true according to me, is making sure to leave not a chance to take full care of the baby. It is 1:30 pm, lunch time, so the Mrs. Wife single handedly takes out a well assorted and packaged packet. You see the mystery unfold, as one by one various number of pickles and chutneys, a huge can filled with delicious looking paranthas and wow a oily paneer curry. Mouth watering mmm.. Then she takes out plates and bowls. It seems that the she has brought whole kitchen with her. You must have heard of "Palace on wheels". I feel here "Kitchen and dining hall on wheels" will be apt. She carefully places each variety on the plates, beautifully arranging them. In between, she loving reminds her husband to go and wash his hands and asks whether he will have the egg now or in the dinner. The husband ignores the question and walks to the water basin on the other end of the compartment. Then starts the super lunch. During all this time, don't imagine me looking at the food like a hungry dog! I was pretending to transfix my eyes onto the newly brought "2 States" by Chetan from the Nagpur wheelers page number 121 all this time. At regular interwals like the Server's poll and round robin algorithm she queries each and every member of her clan regarding the reducing number of paranthas or oily patch of paneer curry in the plate and on successful response refills them, all the while carrying the cutesy baby. Ah , how great is she! Standing salute to this great woman. My eyes almost moist seeing her multitasking abilities and her great serve (not the tennis one, I hope she might be knowing that too).

Case number 2:

At some station (one cannot properly observe thought those sun screened and dirty windows of the AC compartments) one just-married couple boarded our compartment. Hey, how do I know that they are just married? Was I invited to their marriage? Or did I, to steal a free meal, crash their wedding? At least do I know them? -- Cool it. Let me answer, Mr. / Ms Reader. One can easily know by the insecure glances of Mr. new-husband which he throws around to check potential male hazards and by the super-duper care he shows for her new-wife and his soul mate for all the things ranging from the luggage (he carried all the heavy ones), the berth, her comfort, on arrival of ice-cream/ Soft drink vendor he jumps and asks her if anything she needs. Coming to the new-wife, she will converse in a very loving and honey embedded way with him. Occasionally touching his arm!

After they are comfortable enough, they start making others uncomfortable. How? Do not ask me. You should understand, (in low voice) they are just married as I already mentioned above. Oh just listen to their talk. "Honey, next time we will do that, go there.. blah blah" (giggle). "Honey, did you see that .... blah blah" (more giggle). "Hey you naughty... blah blah" (a loving slap on the husband's arm). You observe the super glued eyes they have on each other. They hold each other's hand in theirs. They are two bodies one soul. Standing salute to this great pair. I wish them all the best for their married life. My eyes almost moist seeing their never dying love towards each other. (Let's see after a few years, ha ha ha)

Case number 3:

Entered the train at Raipur station, the political capital of Chhattisgarh state (in case the ignorant reader is unaware of the Chhattisgarh state let leave Raipur). Entered our sleepy compartment 2 young, full of energy lovey-dovey boy-girl pair. They occupied the place in front where I sat of all the places. God what is happening today?? What's special about them? As soon as they sat, they engaged themselves in a animated chat which I guess they paused when they have seen the train arriving. Some things about girl's cousins and friends. Some friend is getting married. Today is somebody's birthday. Some guy is not picking up the phone. Some vague talk about some cousin's behavior. At first I thought, they sure will be related to each other. Then the mystery was resolved when a call broke the continuous chat they were having and the girl told the caller that "yaaaaauuuu, thanks for the wishes, yaauuu this is to be Mrs. -[Name not disclosed], to be Mr. -[Name not disclosed] is also here, talk to him also naaaaa". Then the to-be also has a a very nice and polite chat with whoever it was on the phone. (I fear if was some x-boyfriend or a boy who had hidden, not expressed love for this girl, his day would have been a bad one). After the call the girl, out of the blue takes out her laptop from her purse/bag and opens it to show some pictures of some marriage and her birthday party. Then they both start to fight over which video song to play next (all the romantic ones). After some time the boy loses interest in her laptop and starts to chat again. By this time my brain has completely ignored their talk and voices and I immerse myself into the love story of Chetan and his wife (2 states). Standing salute to this great pair. I wish them all the best for their upcoming married life. My eyes almost moist seeing their compatibility and their commitment.

Thus ended my love charged and playful care and affection filled journey when I got down at Champa and was overjoyed to see Papa waiting for me eagerly. I touched his feet and thanked God for this safe journey and good health of my parents.

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