I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy New Year!

Come last week of December and a sensation and a tingling in my mind and body starts to develop. I don’t remember from when the craze and the wait of the New Year day or exactly the evening before have started to reside in me. I guess it all started with the new year celebration at the colony club where my colony members used to visit and the festive mood of all the people has polarized my mind to feel it every time at this time of the year.

New Year can be categorized as an event or festival which is religion, region and country neutral. The whole world celebrates it.

Some occurrences which I hope would be happening with you too, I want to share here:

1. Even after 31st December, I tend to mention the year as the previous one. This accident carries on till mid of January and sometimes February.

2. Since my birthday falls in the first month, so it adds one to my age. I have observed that guys below 18 will always try to present their age in forward sense. If you ask them their age they will reply either adding one or add the word - plus. Guys after 18 till rest of their life will try to reduce it to almost to the limits or hide it.

3. Its always winter in India on 31st December and the climate will always be dry, cold and not rainy. I have never observed it as a rainy day. So this is one global festival celebrated in India which has a predictable whether. I remember it has rained on the Diwali day and sometimes the temperature will be too low and sometimes warm on Holi.

4. Companies have now started to complete all tax related activities by the end of January. So after New Year it is like a constant background task running in the mind to recollect and collect all bills, investment papers, house rent slips etc. I feel this activity is no less than a festival where all the citizens of India blessed enough to belong to one of the taxable slabs of the IT table come as a huge joint family for a common cause.

5. New Year brings a flurry of resolution making activities among family members, friends and colleagues. This is due to the fact the New Year gives a promise of a new beginning in life and encourages to turn a new chapter in one's life. I have already made mine, what about you dear?!. You might have observed that these resolutions often are not fulfilled but we always again tend to make resolutions the next year. Truly, if we are able to follow the resolutions we make on the New Year, I will not be surprised, we can achieve great things.

6. I have a habit of looking out for Panchang of the next year in the month of November only. Not that I have dearth of wall hangings at my home. But a strange force drags me towards it to find out which day my birthday is falling on or which days are the holidays like Republic day, Independence Day. On which days are the major festivals like Holi, Durga puja, Diwali. During my school days I would be ecstatic if the holidays were on Friday or Monday and would be disappointed if they fell on a Sunday.
The same is true today too!! Earlier I had a nice hobby of finding out what all special about the present date. But it could only be possible if you own a Panchang and not the simple and plain looking Georgian calendar with beautiful sceneries or sexy models (grin). During pursuing this habit I came to know that each and every day has a particular event or is celebrated as a day dedicated to a purpose.

7. I like the winter season more than any other. Now don't reason me that it is because I was born in winter. I find it cosy and convenient. If you wear the adequate and required insulation, you can perform any activity with ease. While in summer even if you wear the minimum or are even naked, you can not avoid the heat. You are required to be confined to the air conditioned area or the area facilitated by cool air waves emitted from the air-cooler to feel comfortable.
And since the New Year lies in this season, we can enjoy non stop, what say!! Party!

At the end of this blog entry I would like to wish you a great and enjoyable year 2010 ahead. Enjoy the New Year eve fully and don't forget your New Year resolutions.


surabhi said...

very nice and interesting topic!!! never thought of 31st Dec. this way.. well written too.. keep blogging!!

Sunit said...

Thanks Surabhi. Thanks for sparing some time and reading the blog article.. Hope I live up to the mark in the article further to publish in future.