I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

And He Was Staring At Her!!

Hi All,

Once I was sitting quietly by the banks of Hussain Sagar Lake and watching the waves on the surface formed by the wind flowing on the top.

Suddenly my mind started to conjure up a story! I would like to share it with you all!

Once in a party, a celebration of 10th Marriage anniversary of a lovely couple, folks were enjoying and making merry. The environment was lively and full of laughter and fun-stories being shared in small and large groups of friends and family all around the large Banquet hall.

Two women were busy chatting sitting on the corner chairs. They were discussing, how the life takes turns now and then and how everything is so expensive nowadays and how difficult it is to secure a place in a good school for their children.

Suddenly, one of the women sitting beside the two ladies, abruptly interrupted the incessant conversation and said to one of the two, "Hey Lady sorry to disturb, but when I utter the next few words, try not to look away in any direction or give any sudden reaction". The lady who was spoken to by a stranger was a bit apprehensive of what lies ahead in this conversation, but she said, "OK, tell me please."

The stranger said, "Honey, I have been sitting here for the past twenty minutes and I have been noticing that a guy sitting on the table, 2 tables on the right side from where we are, staring at you, now and then, between his chats with his buddies. Do you know that Man?". "Now slowly look there, he is in a dark black suit with slight strips with a pair of golden cuff links"

The lady, by listening to this, with anticipation of finding the man who is appreciative of her and without doubt is attracted to her, looked in the described direction. When she found the person, the staring-man, she blushed to an extent that her cheeks were flushed with blood and became pink.

Observing this change of expression and mood, the stranger lady said quizzically to her, "So, it seems that you know that Man?".

"Of course", she said, "I must be knowing him". "He is my dear Husband!"

Thanks for reading!

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