I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

One Person Two Relationships

Hi Readers,

I have composed a poem, which flows through the incidence of growth of multitude of relationships with the same person! Here you go!

I met a person,
Not long ago.
A relation was built,
without much ado.

At first it was simple,
With relationship single.
Mind and Heart palpitating,
Observing and Learning.

Some will name every,
Single bond they make.
But here, could not be feasible,
just for the above sake.

Don't remember the day,
or the moment magical.
Another bond bifurcated,
forging identity dual.

With the person unique,
relations multiplied.
I was caught unawares,
unconsciously mesmerized.

Bonds toggled and tangled,
often uncared for and unnoticed.
The newer was stronger,
pushed us further, pulled us closer.

A day came of realization,
Ah! I could now name,
The bond latter.
I had gained cognition.

I confronted myself,
Mustered courage to speak,
To utter the Name,
Which was unspeakable.

Nothing remained the same,
The bond latter wobbled.
Alas it was followed by,
Magnitudes of pain.

Both looked helter skelter,
Reminisced and sought shelter.
None wished to fall apart
Be again pushed to the start.

The relation eschewed,
came to the rescue.
So ordinary and simple.
The cornerstone humble.

Still the duality remains,
coexisting in singularity.
Name is forseeken,
This one requires none.

Sometimes the transformation between the two relationships maintained with the same person become seamless. It is difficult to compare the two relationships. It is impossible to tell which one is important. But at the same time both the relationships are not related or dependant on each other. Both are enjoyable and makes the person special and irreplaceable.

Is someone is the one is not the relevant question. But the more important is that are you that person for someone. One is lucky to have such a person with oneself. For it increases the value of life, adds life to it. Special is not the person but special is the relation. Because there may not be any speciality between the same person and any other but when those two person come together then there is something special between them.

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Chandu said...

Good one dude .. Liked it