I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Pay Heed To Computer Ergonomics?

Hi Readers,

Working as a Software Development Engineer, I have observed that many of us, do not even know that they are slowly making themselves physically handicapped, even though they have been blessed with quite a functional brain and equally functionally body attached with it.

It has been now a common scene where Computer Workstation users are seen sitting with a hunched back and neck awkwardly craned up or bowed down and the hands angled down limply. Equally pitiable is the sight of an Engineer, completing one's task, almost physically sucked in towards the Laptop Display and the hands converging atop the small Keyboard.

Why do not we realize that setting up the place of work according to the body parameters, following the computer ergonomics, is a one time effort which pays huge benefits and long term comfort and prevention of diseases like spondylarthritis, joint pains at the fingers and gradual loss of eyesight.

Many of us do not even think about asking the Facilities and Administration Department of the organisation for a adjustment of the monitor screen, Keyboard position and other accessories around them, although they might be daily suffering from discomfort arising from the incorrect posture and inadequate exercise.

Many of the organisations provide their employees world-class ergonomic computer desks and chairs which has minimum of 5 adjustments like adjustments for sitting height, arm-rest position, Keyboard and mouse drawer and backrest restrainer. Many of us are oblivious of these features and fail to utilize the same.

Over the period of time these discomforts takes the form of crippling diseases and permanent disabilities. All this can be prevented by following simple and logical ergonomic settings at workplace and home.

Happy working!

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