I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Monday, November 29, 2010

MaskBook for FaceBook


Since FaceBook is a dynamic and vibrant social networking site, it is inevitable for a user to behave impromptu and share, like or comment stuffs which may not be safe and relevant after a period of time. It is also understandable that the user will forget the footprints it left in the course of time. Please be responsible and make it a point that you occasionally scan through your "Friend List", "Links", "Pages" and "Wall Postings" and remove entries which seems to be irrelevant at that point of time.

Please revisit your Privacy setting in FaceBook and customize the visibility of stuffs on your profile to a comfortable range. SSS has been working with FaceBook over a period of time to enable more protected and clean network, which came due to privilege of having a more that 500 direct user network.

SSS Suggestion 1 -- Please do not keep any visibility to "Everyone". Your choice any ways!!
SSS Suggestion 2 -- Please disable tagging for more rigid control on photos.
SSS Suggestion 3 -- Scan through your "Likes" Box and justify each page you liked in the past.
3.1 - If you want to remove, go to the page and "Unlike" it.
3.2 - If you are not able to navigate to the page (banned, not available), then use the
information at this link to remove the page from your list:

Happy FaceBooking!!
SSS (Sunit Social Service) -- at your service from past 5 years.


mukteswar said...

Thanks for the valuable information.
i wanna know if the invisible option is there in facebook or not.

Sunit said...


By invisible, did you mean the chat option? Sorry but there is no invisible option in FaceBook chat. Yes, I understand it is a very useful feature but hope it is introduced soon.

Thanks for reading the Blog!!