I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Monday, August 30, 2010

G.I.R.L.S:Giggling Indian Really Lovely Singles

Assumptions to be taken before reading the article below:

  1. All the girls are assumed to be equally attractive, one quality of one girl balancing with the other quality of the other girl.

  2. Reverend Dr. S. Ghosh of SSS Labs has dedicated his life for the study of girls, so please assume him to be the ultimate expert in this field and by heart the concepts below in the article.

  3. The term girls is the acronym of the title of this thesis paper and not to be confused with the English word with the same spelling.

  4. The concepts given in the article are to be applied in every case, irrespective of situation and medium between any two bodies.

  5. All the experiments leading to the concepts mentioned below were performed in uncontrolled conditions.

Girls are the human beings who emit Electro-Magnetic Radiations (EMR) which attracts the material out of which the boys are created. Just siting or standing near one such human being makes you realize the physical concepts shortly to be discussed. In those situations the EMR passes through your body and magnetizes you. Sometimes you sweat, sometimes you feel uncomfortable and sometimes in their presence you lose control and start behaving in an erratic and irrational manner.

I am going to discuss some Concepts below which have revolutionized the the world of Physics and changed the way we used to look towards girls.

  1. Concept of Distributive Radiation:

    When there are more that one boy in the vicinity of a girl, at T=0 sec, the EMR distributes equally but further the EMR distribution fluctuates proportional to the ratio of the force of repulsion between the boys.

    For example, when you are in such a scenario, you give a murderous glance at the other boy as if to forewarn him.

  1. Concept of Radiation Transfer:

    When a boy who has been, just a while ago, in presence of a girl, feels the radiation still present in his brain, whose efficiency decreases proportional to the intensity of EMR of the girl.

    For example, when you see a girl on your way, in bus or a mall, her reminiscence remains in your mind.

  1. Concept of Interference of Radiation:

    When a boy in ideal condition is performing an action or is part of a ongoing process and is then subjected to the presence of a girl, the boy faces a positive interference and the action or the process faces a negative interference by the EMR from the girl.

    From example, if you are engaged in a conversation with a friend and a girl passes by, you undergo a duration of mental inactivity due to surge in mental vibrations as a result of positive interference and the conversation process faces a negative interference.

  1. Concept of Radioactivity:

    When an ideal non-radioactive boy is subjected to a girl at a distance and then the distance is increased to infinity then a radioactivity is generated in the mind of the boy which then emits radiations similar to the girl's in the form of thoughts about her and talks only about the girl. But if the girl who acts here as a radioactive agent is not subjected again for a long duration then the radioactivity reaches half life every next week but never reduces to Zero and regains its strength if she is at a finite distance again.

  2. Concept of Resonance:

    When a ideal boy experiences the EMR from a girl and his body in turn starts reflecting the same and after T ranging from 2 secs to 10 secs detects that the EMR has doubled its initial intensity then the bodies of the boy and the girl are said to be in Radiation Resonance. Sometimes if this condition prolongs then it results in Love and then Love marriage. Thus we were able to find the scientific proof for Love and Love marriage.

P.S: Dr S. Ghosh from SSS Labs is due receiving Nobel prize in Physics for finding Scientific proof for Love and Love Marriages. His contribution in this field has helped solve many complexities in Love life of human beings. We are grateful to Dr for his humongous contribution. Thanks a lot Dr. Ghosh. He presently resides in GOA, India and enjoys his life teaching these concepts to the boys at the beach ;)

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