I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
My busy day is spent like this!


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Have Been Gone, But Not For Long!

Hello there,

I Have Been Gone, But Not For Long!
Yes, I cannot say that I did not, but priorities, priorities, priorities! I lub(spell mistake intended please LOL) them.

Changing priorities are the like life-navigation system, which folks also call as Fate, taqudeer blah blah...

You know what, to lose the rust from my typing-fingers, I am having to listen to Dub-step music loud, too loud. Ofcourse in headphone mode. Rocking it!

What else...

And yes, the biggest achievement of the year was attained last week, and that is....

Income Tax Return Filing before deadline and not only that, by my own lovely hands - on my own online. WOW. All the folks out there doing it by doling out 150 to 200 greens to the office affiliated agents, Yo, I was one of you till last year and have found my liberation. This 15th of August I am free.
And all the folks doing it right online, from the day ITR-V went online - salutes. Sashtang Pranaam. Not a big deal but to fight the fear of doing it wrong and then not doing it at all is dumb.

Bye for now!

Sunit Ronnie Ghosh!

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