I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wanna Delete Your Facebook Account But Cannot!

Hi Readers,

Losing control on the time you spent your day's time on-line on Facebook page!! Even though you curse yourself when you wake up next morning and resolute that you will spend lesser time today on FB you turn up spending more!!

Cannot control what you share and who all are watching your updates, when your mind is bubbling to come home and be on-line and type-in your latest endeavours and photos taken to all in the "Friends List" on your Facebook Profile.....

You share, without a second thought, the entire set of pictures taken over a trip made on the weekend to ALL, instead of, sending them to few selected near and dear ones (those who genuinely, are, interested in your activities) via a picasa link or e-mailing a zipped file of the selected picture ONLY, because it is easy and takes lesser time than the latter and is hassle free. Thanks to awesome page design and flow of picture/album upload app of Facebook web-page.

You have 200 plus or even awesome 600 friends in the friends list who get to see what you are doing and you are bewildered by the ease of sharing and being a part of the social network and nosing in other's lifes...

One day will come, when you realise that you are taking your life, day per day, to somewhere you would not wanna be after a duration in the future.

Then you will squirm to delete the profile itself which has made your private-life, PUBLIC, and that too when you where the ONLY person who owns the sole responsibility over it. Deactivation of the profile will not help because, one fine day you will spring up on the keyboard and activate it by just logging in to the profile in just 2 seconds.

For all those, squirming to delete your profile, here you go:
1. Visit the link here.
2. Press the "Delete My Account" Button. A date of final deletion of the account will be displayed which will be a fortnight after the present date.
3. Prohibit yourself from logging in to the Facebook account for 14 days. (If you do login (just login), even by mistake, the date of the complete deletion will be extended by another 14 days from the current day)
4. After the declared day of deletion, try logging in. If the access is denied, then you have succeeded  in deleting your profile from Facebook database.

Read more about it, here.

But do not be very complaisant by this feat because Facebook database still remembers your network indexed on the e-mail id you have used earlier to create the account (primary e-mail id) and the secondary e-mail id you had submitted for the account security and retrieval of forgotten password.
By my personal experience, when I tried to create another account by the secondary e-mail id, after I had deleted my Facebook account, I was shown friendship-recommendations of few of my previous friends on the basis of the college name, company and other information on the present profile..

Best wishes!

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Nice article Sunit!