I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
My busy day is spent like this!


Monday, July 11, 2011

The Day When The Crows Attacked Me

Hi Readers!

I was all dressed up for the office. Obviously, it was a Monday and I was happy to go to office after a satisfying and fulfilled weekend. Also Monday started with a bang. I woke up sharp at 04:45(though the alarm was set for 04:30, yeah nobody is perfect, no). Then had a revoltingly sharp Lemonade and then switched on the Laptop (Nobita) to work on one of the blog articles about the glory of biking (publishing soon)! Then at 06:00, wore all the armour and biked for a total of 30 kms.

So I set out for office and just then I saw a sad looking crow sitting on the side of the lane, staring at the cemented path, deep in thought. It was a peculiar sight since a couple of days ago, when I was biking, a group of crows were energetically sorting some business out on the biking track and when my bike approached near the crow-team they flew away all complaining and angry. And, here this guy was ignoring my presence. May be a rude one, I thought.

I was in a hurry and therefore I proceeded for the local train station. A few more minutes remaining for the scheduled arrival. Just as I was walking and was at the least distance from the rude-crow, I got hit by something on the top of my head. I jumped in surprise. I cursed under my breath. I turned to see what had happened. I found that a friend of the Rudy landed on my head and had now placed itself near the Rudy.

Everything was clear then. That crow was neither rude nor in deep thinking. It was injured or was too old to carry out further crowing around. And the friends of it thought that I was going to hurt it, so they attacked me. I silently prayed for the Rudy and proceeded towards the station.

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