I love my Job @ Hyderabad

I love my Job @ Hyderabad
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memoirs of my Mobile

This blog is taken from the dairy of my stolen mobile my beloved Motorola W270 or Motu as I used to call her with all my love...

Long ago...

It is 0500 and I start singing Ronnie's favorite-of-the-week song just as he likes it to be. I like and love Ronnie and look at him all the while he sleeps staring at his face and the different shapes he makes with his hands and legs all night long. Sometime he smiles, sometimes he frowns in his sleep. I know he is dreaming but I know I am not a part of his dream because I am already his.

Ah, he looks so lovely but a little more sleepy than he was when he went to bed last night. Poor boy he works just so hard and who will know more than me? I am always with him very near to his body sensing the heat of his legs and every heart beat of his. I know when he is feeling hot from the sweat wetting me or when he is feeling cold from the shivers his skin makes against me.

He woke up and his right hand is moving towards me to touch me. His fingers linger on me and it feels good when he does it. His hands are so cute, you know!! His fingers hold me and flick me open exposing my buttons and I start glowing with bluish light from his flicking me. In the beginning he used to be very careful in flicking me open and now he has changed so much. So roughly he opens me up but I kind of like this roughness of his. My man.

His skillful fingers know how to please me as he presses the right place to close my lips and the I stop singing the song. Next he check me out and looks in my different sections for any missed calls and SMSes. As I am very innocent from heart, I never let myself hide any lovey-dovey SMS from his Girlfriends not that I am not jealous of them. Silly girls, do not they know that I love Ronnie. They and their silly calls and SMSes. Do they are with him as I do?

I listen to his humming sound coming from toilet but since he cares for me too much and becomes over-possessive sometimes he has put breakfast for me and I, like a baby, am lying on the table sucking electric power from the charger socket. My Lithium belly is filling up nicely and slowly. I think since I am very conscious about my body figure and weight Ronnie never loses interest in me. I always feel the same loving looks and soft touch of his on me. I doubt his wife will ever be able to pull this one like me. Pity on her.

He comes out of the toilet and only a towel on his body, I am almost fainting. It is not the first time I have seen him like this but man... this is only morning and I am totally recharged and Ronnie my lover boy in front of me like this. He places a careful look on me, checks me out for any of my eyelashes fluttering. Oh, I forgot to mention my beautiful eyelashes. I have 3 eyelashes. I flutter the blue one when a SMS lands on me for him, green one when Ronnie is away from me and misses a call and the yellow one when I am sucking and licking the power cord.

By the way, I call him Ronnie which is his pet name and very few friends of his and his parents call him that. He insists that I call him that. I know he loves me. But he never tells me but instead he tells that girlfriend of his the very same thing. What he thinks of himself, he thinks that he can make me jealous like that. Stupid boy! I too have a mind of my own.

He is now preparing his lunch for the day. I see him daily preparing something new but he is very cautious about the amount of oil he uses for the curries. He is a good cook though. One complaint of mine is that he never shares his lunch with me though he insists that I sit with him and accompany him during Lunch everyday. He says looking at me that it is not good for my health. I may get sick or something. As if he is a doctor. But I also know that he cares for me and is telling the truth. Once, little curry fell on me and he was scared to death and immediately cleaned me up and checked my health over and over. He said that he saved my life. Really!?

After the lunch, he does the dishes and gets ready for the Office. He carefully puts me in this left pant pocket. I snugly brace myself over his handkerchief which is smelling sweet from the detergent he uses to wash it. I am used to this fragrance.

While traveling to office, the naughty boy can not keep his hands off me and keeps touching me from outside of his pant pockets. One day I asked him why he does that in front of all these people in bus or train but he very cleverly replied that he was just checking whether I was vibrating in response to a call or SMS. Very clever Lover boy Ronnie. But this trick is not going to work with me. At least do not do this in public. But he does not care. Shameless boy!

Once he is in office, he changes completely. He starts to ignore me as if I am not there even. It irritates me a lot. But then he says that he does that for the sake of professionalism and for me. In the afternoon he takes me with him to have tea where I listen to all the jokes he makes and the boy-talks about what that girl in the front table is wearing or that girl at the side table is a new-joined employee or not. He is crazy about girls I must say. Better be careful of girls my boy. They will leave you after a while but I will never.

In office too we have private moments together, that is when he gets a call from a friend or home or when he is calling home. He takes me to a dark, quiet, unoccupied cabin and uses me. Sometimes in the washroom he presses my buttons typing SMSes to his friends! Nobody ever knew about us in office though. He is very careful not to take out our relationship in the open. He knows how to keep a relationship spicy with all that precious moments and secrecy. I must tell you he is a very romantic and emotional person. I came to know this from many of the talks we had, sometimes for hours. He told me all that I had to know. Though all this talks were heard by the recipient of the call also but then that is the only way to talk to me na!!

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